Muller on the Reformed Orthodox & Pilgrim Theology

June 15, 2010

Not only is Christ’s knowledge of God the mediate prototype for all human knowledge of God, but in addition, the forms of human knowledge of God correspond with the conditions or states of Christ’s person: the Protestant orthodox definition of theology in terms of the theology of Christ, of the blessed, and of the earthly pilgrim, serves to emphasize the christocentric character of the saving knowledge of God, as argued in the concept of the duplex cogito Dei. Human theology, moreover, on the model of the human pilgrimage toward God, reflects Christ’s own pilgrimage of humiliation and exaltation, cross and resurrection. The christological content of the theologia viatorum reminds us of Luther’s theologia crucis, just as the christological reference of the theologia beatorum points to the proper place of the theologia gloriae — in heaven and not on earth. The theology of the blessed, then, belongs to the church triumphant, the theology of pilgrims to the church militant.

Richard A. Muller, Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: The Rise and Development of Reformed Orthodoxy, ca. 1520 to ca. 1725, Vol. I: Prolegomena to Theology, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2006), 258.


7 Responses to “Muller on the Reformed Orthodox & Pilgrim Theology”

  1. Tim Prussic Says:

    Thanks for working on Muller. I’ve been working through volume 1, too. Keep up the good work!!

  2. throopmd Says:

    Thanks, Tim! I have read the first two volumes this summer and they were great. I am preparing for an MA thesis so it is always good to get some Muller under my belt.

  3. Tim Prussic Says:

    I used Muller for my master’s thesis, too. He was very helpful. What is your topic and for what faculty are you writing it?

  4. throopmd Says:

    I am student at Westminster Seminary California and I will be focusing on Hermann Venema.

    What did you work on?

  5. Tim Prussic Says:

    Comparison of the doctrine of Scripture in Calvin and Turretin. I graduated from Western Reformed Seminary ( How far along are you? Are you also doing an M.Div.? Post seminary, are you planning on ministry, further studies, working in a bakery, or what?

  6. Tim Prussic Says:

    Here’s a quick popular article that ties in with my thesis:

  7. throopmd Says:

    Wow, your thesis sounds interesting. I love reading Calvin and I am trying to find the time to read the last volume of Turretin’s Institutes.

    This will be my second and hopefully final year. I am just doing an MA in historical theology. No MDiv. for me. Right now I am not planning on further study. I enjoy it but I really do not have the money and the job market is too competitive.

    When I am done I will probably start working again, so if you have a bakery I would probably be interested. Seriously though, my background is in insurance so I will try and get back into that.

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