This Terrible Glass

July 16, 2010

If we possessed in this life of a perfect faith in Christ, and so of perfect holiness, then I grant the believers should not need this terrible glass of the law, and of the covenant of works. But because unbelief still resteth in this our nature, and the relics of that inherent contagion still abide in us, and for that so long as we live here, neither our faith nor holiness can be perfected; therefore, to waken more and more our unbelief and inherent sin in us, and more and more to increase faith and holiness, we have ever need of this terrible glass, as a continual severe schoolmaster, which, ever casting many fears before us, may drive us to the faith of Christ, and to sanctimony of life.

Robert Rollock, “Treatise of Effectual Calling,” In Select Works of Robert Rollock, 2 vols., ed. William Gunn (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage, 2008), 48-49.


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